commissioning a painting: Simply commission a portrait of what you love: people, animals, buildings, ships, favourite places and favourite landscapes from holiday or daily life.   You can commission each and every subject. You will receive an original of special value and radiance. A unique painting is an ideal present for private or business occasions. As well it can be created for a certain place within your home.   It can be realised as watercolour-, oilpainting or in any other technique. Reference is any material such as your photo (even low quality). Your expectations and desires will be precisely clarified in preliminary talks and studies.   Even if you do not feel absolutely sure: please contact Ulrike Walther to find a solution in conversation with each other, so that you can feel comfortable all around! +49 162 630 15 61 +49 40 64 63 14 49
for FABER-CASTELL: Relaunch of the   "Creative Studio line". Covergraphics for all sizes of packages of Goldfaber pencils, Goldfaber Aqua, pastels and oil pastels.
ZDF prime-time crime movie “murder in the dunes” with Anna Loos and Karl Markovics  as main characters, broadcasted 2013-10-14, water colour paintings as key for the solution of the criminal case,  more water colour paintings for the equipment of the movie set: The commission contained 18 paintings altogether. The murderer is not always the gardener but in this case: the watercolour artist! zdf-logo 2_auftrag_2
Watercolour painting "Hamburg Panorama: new beginning" 1,50 x 1,00m for MDS Möhrle & Partner  Group. The Company moves into the former SPIEGEL-building and wanted a painting for the new spaces AND a sophisticated print of the painting for their Christmas-Greetings.   2_auftrag_8_0
Watercolour painting „monastery Eldena, Greifswald“ 140x70cm, 2014 commissioned as birthday present for a jubilarian. The monastery is well-known because of the paintings by Caspar David Friedrich. 2_auftrag_4
Oilpainting after the image of the Lilliendahl sealing wax manufactory on the lid of a historical tin, 15x10cm from the 18th century, Haberkorn GmbH, done in 120x80cm, 2015; The colorus were chosen together with the commissioner fresh and less yellowed on purpose. 2_auftrag_7
Watercolour-series „Hamburg Maritim“ each 40x50cm, 2013 booked by Union Investment Real Estate as loan for the offices at the headquartes Hamburg. ui-logo 2_auftrag_5
Watercolour twins “Toskany” each 45x22cm, 2014, private commissioner. 2_auftrag_6
Watercolour painting “Puczniew“ 50x40cm, 2013, commissioned by a passionate horse rider, who could not ride her beloved grey anymore after having an accident. 2_auftrag_3