For any question regarding paintings please contact Ulrike Walther +49 162 630 15 61 +49 40 64 63 14 49
Carré d artistes, Cologne
+49 (0) 221 16 85 16 86
original or print:
Please contact Ulrike Walther and find out, which paintings are available currently. Unframed watercolour paintings shall be within the following price structure depending on size and subject:
urban: starting with 40€
landscape: starting with 40€
portrait: starting with 80€ 
commission your own unique painting:
Simply commission a portrait of what you love: people, animals, buildings, ships, favourite places and favourite landscapes from holiday or daily life. You can commission each and every subject. You will receive an original of special value and radiance. A unique painting is an ideal present for private or business occasions. As well it can be created for a certain place within your home. A commissioned work costs between 40€ -1.500€ depending on subject, size and duration. The price will always be fixed in advance. As well as your expectations and desires will be precisely clarified in preliminary talks and studies. Even if you do not feel absolutely sure: please contact Ulrike Walther to find a solution in conversation with each other, so that you can feel comfortable all around! 3_kauf_5_hoeher
Individual cards for special occasions, packaging for money presents or water colour book covers with own bookmark and message of greeting make your gift very personal. Please contact Ulrike Walther for brainstorming and inspiration. 3_kauf_7_hoeher
exclusive catalogue, 2017, "watercolor, atmosphere, play of water" with works from the Uwe-Lüders art scholarship, on request handsigned, limited edition, high-quality hardcover, thread binding, 61 pages, with high-quality images of her watercolors and texts, costs 15 € plus 5 € postage + shipping
„Ulrike Walther Watercolour Aquarell“ published 2014, 36 pages, DIN A5, available for 10€ sold out 5_ueber_5
art postcards 1€
10 art postcards 9€
art folding cards 2€
10 art folding cards 16€
diverse range of cards: 40 pieces 30€
Available are all subjects, size about 15 x 11 cm, art folding card with envelope in a clear plastic jacket, quality matt or high-gloss;
in process
buying and shipping:
As soon as you have purchased your order, Ulrike Walther will contact you and confirm your request. All prices are plus shipping. Quantities of 10+ you will receive free of shipping costs. (except for original paintings and shipping outside Europe.) 3_kauf_10
payment options:
Payment can be done with Papal. This is a safe payment method, which allows sending money free of charge and without creating a Paypal account only with an Email address. You may also pay cash and via bank transfer. By request you will receive a invoice. 3_kauf_11