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Good bye 2017 - it was a delight! 
Hello 2018 - watercolour workshops 
place date info & registration titel / people min-max  impression
Münsterland  Schloss Raesfeld 25.01.-27.01. artistravel perspective at the castle / 6-15
Glinde 02.02. boesner atmosphere in watercolour: how to make a sunny midday/ 8-12
Jesteburg 03.+04.03. WE-Intensiv Ulrike Walther #1. intense basic: material, composition, structure, watercolour laws  / 10-12
Hamburg 02.03. boesner atmosphere in watercolour: how to make a sunny midday/ 8-12  
Glinde 06.04. boesner people in watercolour: staffage - subjekt - portrait / 8-12
Jesteburg 07.+08.04. weekend intense Ulrike Walther #2. intense: people in watercolour: staffage - subjekt - portrait / 10-12  
Hamburg 25.05. boesner atmosphere in watercolour: a soft and hazy morning in spring   8-12  
Usedom 03.06.-09.06. artistravel easy watercolour: sand, beach, sea / 6-15
Greetsiel 24.06.-30.6. artistravel easy watercolour: habour, water, sky  / 6-15  
Prerow/Darß 01.07.-07.07. artistravel easy watercolour: waves, trees and endless sky / 6-15  
Hamburg 16.07.-21.07. artistravel Logbuch Hamburg-discover a city with your sketchbook / 6-15
Venedig 29.07.-05.08. artistravel Venice: capturing atmosphere with watercolour  / 6-15  
Würzburg 20.08.-24.08.  artistravel easy watercolour: Würzburg old city in a nwe light : / 6-15  
Jesteburg 15.+16.09. weekend intense Ulrike Walther #3. intense: perspective, profundity and shadow in watercolour  / 10-12
Jesteburg 29.+30.09. weekend intense Ulrike Walther #4. intense: surge of waves and refelctions in watercolour   / 10-12
 Jesteburg  06.+07.10. weekend intense Ulrike Walther  #5. intense: maritime watercolour: sailingboats, coasts and habours / 10-12  
Jesteburg 20.+21.10. weekend intense Ulrike Walther #6. intense: dusky wet streets and big city nights with bright light  10-12
Please speak to Ulrike Walther: +49 162 630 15 61 +49 40 64 63 14 49 4_kurse_1 *  for beginner and advanced *  with watercolour and everything at pleasure (e.g. pens, sketch books, ink, charcoal, graphite, gouache) *  outdoor painting and work in studio
download workshop documents:
Watercolour is the supreme discipline amongst the art of painting: the transparent colours are difficult to handle. Every stroke remains visible. Nothing can be painted over in a covering manner. A watercolour painting needs to be well planned and still wants to be light, not struggled and spontaneous. 4_kurse_4_hoeher
workshop aims: 1. introduce you into watercolour technique: simple, structured and step-by-step 2. take away your anxiety and develop your skills targeted 3. let you go home with finished and good paintings briefly: to awake your love and fascination for watercolour and let you having a good time. 4_kurse_5_hoeher
step-by-step overview: 1. introduction-theoretical basis of watercolor; tools: choice of paper, variety of colours, brushes; technique: glazing, washes, colour circle, color mixing; methods: negative painting, tonal value studies, composition and perspective; subject: How can we choose it? How can we present it in an exciting way? 2. entering painting: You try out the basis yourselves 3. together we paint step by step different subjects, because this way you learn the most and at the end of the workshop you can take home good and finished watercolor paintings 4_kurse_7
contact: For further information such as appointments, prices etc. please contact Ulrike Walther +49 162 630 15 61 +49 40 64 63 14 49 4_kurse_8